Organic Food

At what point did food need to be differentiated between ‘normal’ and organic. Whilst eating dinner at my grandparents my grandfather made the very interesting that when he was my age these two titles did not exist there was just food, which by today’s definition would be consider organic for which we all pay a premium.

However , and as much I hate to say it, the current financial climate which I don’t think we ever had until 18 months ago, reducing the food bill has been an easy way for may people to save money. Quite what they do with it I don’t know, but my savings are certainly not earning as much as they used to.

That aside why do we feel the need to pay that little but more for something that has little proven benefit. Having said that these ‘veg boxes’ are good value for money with great quality produce, compared to the supermarket organic produce where as these are certified organic products that still seem to be washed to clinical standards and packaged in cardboard and plastic, is that all really necessary. Food grows in the ground and has its own protective skin, what is the requirement for all the earthy looking packaging for onions that you subsequently peal when you get home  my point is that ‘organic’ is not just about the production methods but should include the whole process right up until consumption.


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