Participation in Online Marketing

Participation in online marketing, there are the people that want to do and the people that do it.


Ad-review has the potential to be the place where people go to talk about the latest and greatest ads. However with most of the ads copied from you tube, it appears that people are more wiling to wait for someone else to do it then trim and upload the video them selves. This means that at best Ad-review is always going to be a few days behind and will never become a definitive source.

Consumer Insight with an older brand such a Cadburys, look to see if they have collectables and old, rare products are desirable and then tap into the tradition, if this is going on then we can use these people as advocates for our brand.

Examples people creating alternatives ads for cream egg. This isn’t even for the main brand, it is for the sub brand, and demonstrates the underlying heritage.

To be successful at participating in online marketing, it is important to inspire, engagement and engage with the community so that they react in a creative way. In effect working as an ad agency for you without you even having to ask.

However for this to take place you need to provide the resources to the community. People will use them and advocate you brand for the love of doing so. This is what is motivating them, the opportunity to earn social-currency, is more valuable than any competition incentive or price promotion.

Finally this approach can be very effective, for example with a brand that has had a lot of bad press in the past like Nike, you have to actively search for this information to find it. I.e. people just searching for Nike will only see the good stuff, and the people searching for the bad stuff, that we will always have, it come with the high market profile, are not are fans any way so why waste time worrying about them when the majority don’t care and just want ‘cool’ trainers.

The aim is to drive community engagement. You cant hope for this you have to make it happen!


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