RSS tea…

can someone please make for me an online RSS feed reader, this is not as silly as it sounds, athough it may exist, if it does please point me in the right direction! I currently use MS Outlook to subscribe to RSS feeds, but coupled with my love of softeware plus services, a useful tool would be to have an online place where you can link all you RSS feeds to and then acces them through various pieces of software such as Outlook, Mail and RSS programmes (although I would resent having to have a sepeate programe running aloong side my mail). I envisage this working in a similar fashion to Gmail pulling all you folders down from the server, (this needs to be able to deal with rules like MS exchange does, rules stored on each PC does not prove helpful.) in that it will pull all your feeds down with all the back issues and unread items.

Until traction is gained this may have to piggy back an imap protocol  (if that is the right word) with the hope to gain an industry standard and be a must to be build into every mail programme (I may be dreaming big here)

The best ideas hit you when making tea.

Get back to me…


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