You do not have to be that good…

You just have to stand up and have a crack. Just by taken action you are putting yourself way ahead of most people.

This is obviously true for extreme things such as rock climbing or skydiving as most people are reluctant to think about these activities, however this can be rewarding for even simple things such as cooking dinner from scratch or writing a blog post.

Go that extra step, or mile each day, if you are feeling adventurous, and step out-side the box, be 10% out of your comfort zone at all time; say hello to the stranger on the bus, strike up a conversation with a person in the que at the bank. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or next week or next year, avoid excuses. Make a list of the things that irritate you and instead of complaining about them fix them and move on.

Simply by taking a small step into harms way, and I do not mean that literally, you will instantly stand out from the crowd without necessarily being an expert.

So in the age old words of Nike – ‘Just Do It’, genius, who ever came up with that.

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  1. Agree with you 100%. Getting up and doing something is by far the hardest part. It’s very easy to get caught up reading “how-to” books and hundreds of online articles.

    Nike has it right, indeed.

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