Has Facebook become a requirement of brands?

Has Facebook become a requirement of brands, much like, having a website. The time has been and gone where this is the case for all companies, if you are not online something is going wrong. You’ll be loosing business and people will not be able to find you especially if you offer an expensive product or service or are based in an obscure location (people want the info and read reviews). I believe the time has now come that if you are not on FB and part of the social scene positioning yourself in the online community the you are also missing a trick.
By the same token, I read somewhere that you should not recreate your corporate website on FB. The point of social media is  connecting with your consumers and creating a conversation. This rings a 100% true, it becomes very important to have a figure head and create an identity that your consumers can relate to and build a rapport with. Once this relationship has been established it creates a far stronger brand loyalty then just, a monthly newsletter.

Linking this to my earlier post about Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Facebook by population would be the third largest country in the world. This theory means it will be important to understand the level of affluence of these people, fortunately they willingly provide all their information. The challenge arises in connecting with the people that are not on Facebook e.t.c. and willingly surrendering their personal information.


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