F**k you I won’t do what you tell me!

In the software world I have come to realise that all the big money ideas are born of out of solving a problem or an academic research project. These ideas seem to be built out of necessity and the need for freedom for technology to work for us and do what we want it to. Not paying for the privilege of using it for what somebody else tells us we should do with it! Linux PC and Android phone here we come.

As empahasised in and RSA presentation on Changing Education Paradigms, children, if the correct measures are used, can be classified ad genii or whatever the plural of genius is. This creativity is then stifiled by the current education system. These people then go on to run the corporations that to a greater or lesser extent, keep our economy ticking over.

According to Lev Grossman (Time 2010) what you need to hit it big in legitimate commerce is an ‘authoritarian sensibility that limits users doing what you what them to.’ Couple this with the stifled creativity of a large enterprise that has the resources to crank out such innovations…

You see the catch 22 problem (I should really get round to reading that).

I now quote: Justin Frankel’s (creator of WinAmp) modus operandi had been to write the best software he could and give it away for nothing. At AOL the business of selling software threatened to overwhelm the software itself. “The products that I worked on, it was very much like, we want to make this money out of this. Were doing this deal with these companies and the product is going to do this as a result. No one cared about how users actually experienced it (the technology).”

The point is that big business don’t always understand how consumers interact with their products, however if this wasn’t the case there would be no need for start ups to solve the problems that have been created.

This is, in my opinion, allegorical of a capatilist world where one problem is created and money is made providing the solution, but in the intangiable software world all the great problem solving ideas are uploaded for free as a large middle finger to the machine!

Peace out!


L. Grossman. 06/12/2010. Time. The Men Who Stole The World. 44-49.

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  1. There is another RSA animate which talks about motivation which will also fit well with this post.

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