Why I Couldn’t Work for an Agency

Disclaimer: this post come with an apology to anyone that works for an agency this is not in any way belittling your career choice as long as you are happy, you should do what you like and not let other peoples opinions stop you.


Conscenscious rant over….


As a recent marketing graduate I have been weighing up my career choice options and think at length where I could possibly work.


On of the obvious choices would be an advertising agency.


It is important for you to know that I have worked at agencies in the past although not for an extended period of time.


I dont feel that I could ever work at an agency because what is the point.


From my studies I understand that there may be a need for these kind of services, if you are on the pro marketing side of the fence.


However I don’t think I would ever feel part of anything, it’s good to get an external prospective when developing a new product for example however for the marketing to marry up with the sales surley it would better for this to come from inside the company and work together during the development.


I also am a firm believer, be that naivety on my part, that you can only sell and can do a truly good job of selling something that you believe in.  I’m not sure that stream of work would provide its self to a single agency because then all companies with in a field would all have the same ads.


Any way let me know what you think…


  1. The core part of this post I like is the statement, ‘I don’t think I would ever feel part of anything.’
    This is definitely a problem I would face in such a situation, and I think that many people face it. As part of a huge company they may be part of something bigger, however as such a small part of the whole it is easy to loose sight of how important you actually are.

    I want to have my own design consultancy one day, and this has a similar problem. The one difference is that it will be my company. If I do a good job and create a genuinely good and marketable product then my reward comes from seeing my company progress amongst others.

    The problem there is that if company ‘A’ gets company ‘B’ to design its product and company ‘C’ to market it, they not only do not retain any of the skills required but are also at complete mercy of company ‘B’ and ‘C’ If the product doesn’t sell the design company can say its because the marketing wasn’t done properly and vica versa.

    I think that’s on topic??

    • On topic indeed!

      It is no wonder that so many new product launches crash and burn!

      This is a perfectly solvable problem with agencies in that they just need to be involved in the design process of a product or service.

  2. Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, the creator of the Jawbone headset and the $100 laptop, shares the seven principles that define his unique approach to the design process. His vision is one of “holistic making” in which the designer is involved from beginning to end — from defining the business model to designing the product to manufacturing to marketing. By “being there all the way,” Béhar believes that designers can create great products and accelerate the adoption of new ideas.


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