Sam Tucker, Marketing Guru!

I was recently working with a friend of mine on their marketing strategy so here are my lessons as a ‘marketing consultant’!

17.26 pm I receive a message from my cycling/snowboarding buddy Liam who is one of the Founding partners of the Academy of Exercise Studies.

19.15 Liam meets me with his bike we pick up some beers and head to his mates house for a discussion with the other two team members and there fellow marketing types.

After discussing what activities they had already been undertaken the following ideas can up.

Content and Links -write about what you know and this will be useful for your audience.

Rules of thumb:

  • blog once a week
  • FB several time a week (3)
  • Twitter twice a day!

Exercise studies are a training provider that provide quality over quicker courses. The biggest challenge is what do attendees do after they have qualified – these people needs support.

Talk to you market and focus on the:

  • Benefits of your product (USPs)
  • Price
  • and the outcome of using your product.

Networking – If this does not exist for your market then set it up! Free networking events for you and you competitors and prospective clients. If you are in charge then you call the shots!

    Focus on the basic of what you teach and then you can plug – think of an interactive whitepaper – and you can enjoy a beer at the same time.

We also came up with some other more guerilla tactics but keep those on the QT for now, comedy is not a funny the second time round, stay tuned!

looking forward to the next meet!

Time to ride home,



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