The Science of Social Media Webinar from Hubspot

My few key take always:

Twitter – post links, but be careful not to crowd out your own content.

Guru – Don’t talk about yourself because people don’t care. If you have to say you have experience or are a professional. you might find you get more hits talking about an unrelated current event. Currency is key with social media.

Social Exchange – Need to provide value, people need to get something from sharing your content (social currency). The source needs to have had lots of hits to be credible and worth sharing, however individual articles are more popular to share if someone can be the first.

Language – Write simply and plainly. using Nouns and Verbs. This is hard.

Hemingway, a very simple writer. Not a dumb guy. Maybe a bully and a drunk, but not a dumb guy. There’s a famous Mark Twain quote that– the Mark Twain quote is: "I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time." It’s not easy to write simply and plainly. It actually takes a bit more intelligence than writing nonsense, flowery, overly sesquipedalian content. Dan Zarrella 2011.

Timing – it might seem counter intuitive to post when people are away from there desks, but because there is less going on it is easier to cut through the noise.

Target – Use combined relevance to target the niche distinct interests. i.e. two different demographics and target the crossover where a share interest exists.

Please ReTweet – Your fans and followers are there for a reason. Ask and they might deliver. just don’t do it too often.

Peace and Piece



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