Praise for Mike Molesworth

He suggested writing a blog, and I apologies this post has been a long time coming, but I have finally found the time. In summary – It turned out you were correct.

Mike Molesworth was my Interactive media strategies (IMS) lecturer at Bournemouth University. However his real interests were in consumer and more specifically cultural anthropology. All about understanding how your consumer behaves. This is also the angle that I came into marketing.

1. Cultural Anthropology

Mike used to bang on about how cultural anthropologists need to be involved in the design process of products and services to help the designs understand how a product will be perceived and used. This residual knowledge has risen to the surface and become useful after a year or so in industry!

Learning – see things from you consumers point of view, put yourself in their shoes.

Example: LG / Samsung. LG sponsor the time on F1 currently, not to sell watches but because they understand there consumer. because they are advertising there it means there competitors can’t. This raises brand awareness despite the fact that their competitors have a superior product. People think that is good and will buy it. Understanding human behaviour and playing in to their hands.

2. Academic underpinning. I see the value of this now. Sorry to pick as an example as he is good at what he does, but Seth Godin and the such were always referred to Airport books. This is; an interesting read that might have 1 or 2 key take aways and actionable points, but lack any solid research or academic underpinning to back up the value of the claims and ideas, making them very subjective and open to interpretation i.e. they may or may not work for you!

They are generally filled with truisms such as the old Madison Avenue saying "I know half may advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half." All be it true hence the name, it is anecdotal and lacks any underpinning or research backing it up. It could also be raised that if you were good at your job none would be waisted and to toady digital economy targeting and tracking options are becoming more and more available, however that is a different topic.

Learning – Actionable points are required based on research and wider understanding. understand your subject area, industry, product and consumer group better than the competition.

3. Writing blogs!

Writing blogs is actually really good for formulating ideas forming arguments and provides a platform for collating your thoughts. This kind of links to my residual knowledge idea in that the point of creating a blog only became something that I saw value in about a a year after I started having been forced and motivated for the wrong reasons. I did it because someone told me it was a good idea not because I thought it was. However it turns out they were right.

Oh and it got me a job! Can’t argue with that.


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