App Generation

This starts with me talking about how this idea is a win for the iPad, but it lead me elsewhere.

The army were the inventors of the ‘internet’ in its most rudimentary form and it developed and evolved into what we now know it to be today! Which is no longer just a communication tool. It is a means of entertainment, a place to share, a place where we can become an entirely different person!

My point is, and I have to thank Chris Anderson for this, that a small group of people created the internet, but it was us, the users that figured out what to do with it. This new paradigm in communication gave birth to a whole raft of tools, possibilities and consumer behaviors to name just a few.

I get the impression that Apple understood this. They noticed that people were looking for more and more ways to personalise there increasingly powerful mobile devices and smart phones. Starting with ringtones and expanding to games and productivity. From this they brought us the iPhone, and later the iPad, with a certain amount of functionality but left it up to us, the users, to decide what to do with it (within reason).

This reminded me of an old clip of Alan Sugar talking on a Documentary about Bill Gates, I guess when he left Microsoft. Saying that he got it wrong (hardware) and Bill had got it right (software). Whereas this may have been true at the time all Apple has done here is provide its users with the fabulous piece of hardware and left it up to us to create what we want with it! In its wake creating an entirely new ecosystem of app developers and business opportunities.

Sidebar: as long as we all use iTunes and give Apple a cut of everything we create – enter Android! See Wired UK Jun 11 for a well balanced discussion on this!

Perhaps AMS had it right, just at the wrong time. What I mean is that computers were new then and people needed educating. This is no longer the case. This is a side ways step not a development, meaning that users now have the know how and the ideas, they just require the platform to launch them on.


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