Yeah but it’s the same. Your not the same.

Why do computer companies such as Dell, Alienware, Apple e.t.c all sell several different versions of the same thing. i.e. the fundemental product and form factor is the same and the innards are ‘customised’. Because of the scale these companies operate at, the cost of creating the spec of computers to order is very low so low that they do it for free. But how are they covering this cost as a consumer that we never see?

It is all a physiological game. As with most of sales.

1. It creates visibility on what you could have even if it it beyond your budget. Even if it would cost more than a car it is still fun, and I used to do this when I was a time rich money poor kid, build you dream machine. Once you have seen what is possible, customers are likely to upgrade, even only a little, to avoid cogitative dissonance. That is it will be difficult for them or impossible for them to make those changes in the future.

2. It offers the perceived benefit of a custom product. No one else will have this one and it is mine. But as mentioned before this is just a gimmick and is unlikey to ever be the case. Plus, as the form factor is the same know one knows but you, but this is important.

3. Tying into the first point it creates a demand for the better system. We didn’t ask Starbucks for the double tall skinny vanilla latte with extra foam they offered it to us, thus creating demand. Without the option how do we know we need something.

There are a few reasons, comment with others you have.



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