Creating Successful Ideas

Hat-tip to Tom Fishburne for this great session. Here is what I learned… a few truisms but plenty of actionable take aways as well.

Here are the 5 Idea Killers:

1. Leaving ideas in the branstorm – ‘wiki wall’, open space in the office for sharing ideas

2. Testing Testing Testing, then launching big – Pop-up shop was the same as a billboard ad

3. Trying to appeal to everyone – Focus and have really deep in jokes – this will be shared and appreciated by you community deeply relevant to a few the majority.

4. Following the rules of the category – Think about the categories your consumers do. People hid bottles of cleaning products under the kitchen sink because the design was ugly, no one cares about design. Don’t let people do things that way because they always have been done that way (This would be a great interview question) – Case Study: Innocent Smoothies with the knitted hats for charity – the lift was more than the money off, good for consumer, retailer and bottom line.

5. Leaving marketing to the marketeers – much easier to critique than create shift the lightbulb to the broader team. Get all the people involved, so they can’t critique after, but also the ideas will come from their difference perspective. – Parking the truck outside is cheaper than the stand at the trade show – this came from the driver.

Useful Quotes:

I liked “This is the hackneyed phrase — don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

and “the old adage – 1% inspriration 99% perspiration”

Don’t go with safe ideas – Tom Fishburne

“Advertising is a tax you pay for unremarkable thinking – Robert Stepehens – Geek Squad”

Matt Mullenweg – People don’t react till its out there.

The last message: Thousands of nice little touches. Rather than death by a thousand cuts, like the little hidden jokes on the innocent bottle.

‘Pivot!’ This means allow for direction changes with your ideas, but I like the Friends reference.


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