All the way through my life I have noticed that the key to get people to take action is to educate them. As an example this is the main issue with getting people to cook for themselves more and understanding the lower cost of cooking instead of take out…

I came across an article in Wired, that summarised this argument (the discussion type not the Monty Python type) really well …

John Armstong argues that capitalism has gone wrong not because there are not enough regulations on business but because there isn’t enough education of consumers. The solution is not to ban McDonalds, but to educate our desires that we may “freely” consider alternatives.

That summaries my thoughts quite well.

A recent online copyrighting course really hammered this point home, they were applying the ‘AIDA‘ framework to email marketing and in the ‘Interest’ section the key was to educate the people, give them a reason to care, why are they going to read this email. It is like a lite form of content marketing. I will cover this in more detail soon!

April 12th Marketing week made the connection with educating consumers in two of the articles I read.

Firstly based on 36% 35 year the conclusion drawn was that this was down to trust and security issues and some education of the older generation would need to be done to increase adoption.

The second one was about companies expanding into international markets and the need to understand local markets their needs and to educate consumers how a brand fits into their lives. The customers need to understand the appeal and basic benifits of something they may not have tried before or they will revert back to what they already know.

To conclude: Let’s teach our people something!


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