Quarter Life Crisis


“What do guys who have mid-life crises do? They buy a red Porsche and date a woman half their age. Well, we can’t afford a Porsche and dating a woman half our age would land us in jail. Solution? Date an older woman and borrow her Porsche (Kenneth Suna).”

This title first popped into my head when some friends of mine that are couple of years older then me arrived at 25/26 and decided to do something completely different with their lives, quitting their longterm job infavor of starting their own business utilising their skills and passions or uprooting for a fresh start in a new location. I coined this a quarter life crisis because I have decided that I and the people around my age are going to live to at least 100 without much extra effort. That said don’t always spread out what you want to do accordingly.

Now, because I forgot about this and did not have the motivation to write about this when I though of it I have come across an article on the same topic written by someone else. However I still feel I have something to add but will give credit where credit is due.http://www.primermagazine.com/2011/live/quarter-life-crisis-2

This is a motivator to get on and do something. As written in the article if you have have a good idea get on and do it. the example in Kenneth Suna’s article is the business idea you have now (when you were 25), instead of Procrastinating get on and do it so you don’t look back disappointed when you are 50.

Walk before you can run, things work out and can take time but make a start today. Sit back take stock, see what you want to achieve what needs to be done now and what can wait until later . If later things are not going to be so easy later on e.g. long term travel (not impossible) do that now and save the house and fucking big television until later.

Something else I keep coming across in motivational articles is trying to be too perfect by doing so there is a chance you will never get started. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and your worst attempt is better than no attempt at all (Wayne Gretzky I believe and taken from a MARC CHERNOFF POST RESPECTIVELY). I remember a university letcturer repeating the line. Let’s shoot for the stars but if we only get to the moon that is ok.

The point I want to make is that changing is ok and by taking the leap and being out of your comfort zone you may find what you have been looking for, or the courage to get what you really want.






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