Home Food (England)


Returning home I have a taste for new things.

Whilst I was away I, whenever I spoke to my mother I was always asked what my first meal would be when I got back. I think she missed looking after me. Anyway I was never sure because the food in China was so good. However after a while I began to miss the simple things, like beans on toast and cereal.

However on returning home I found I was not really interested in those things anymore. But I had acquired a taste for things I didn’t like anymore. White Wine, cider. This may be due to overdosing on rubbish chinese beer. I’m really into drinks with a sharper taste!

I also realised how rubbish english food is in particular fast food or food on the go. No more are the days of a quick healthy bowl of noodles with soup or a rice meal for about £1, but expensive sandwiches, salads with unhealthy dressings or expensive cafe/restaurants for lunch that you know you could do better yourself at home.

After having a diet almost void of wheat and dairy products, I find it hard to consume them in the quantity that I guess I used to. I try to keep fit so it is not completely a health issue but I don’t feel I should be eating them all day every day in one form or another. But looking at our food it it easy to see why it is hard to avoid. My solution cook at home and take food, not always convenient but for the odd time it is not you can make the exception.


These are my thoughts after spending a year in China do you have a similar experience to share?






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