With only one night here we really had to cram it in! Thanks to Adam Winkler (The Local) for all the tips!

Enter Adam (With a few additions…)

Thursday 5th July 2012:

A canal tour is a must. There are 2 different tour operators, where one is half price. This one is called Nettobådene, compared to the other one (The ‘Canal Tours’ chain). Both are centrally placed (close to the parliament), but if you ask locals, they will tell you. Remember to purchase a 6 pack for the ride and “mind your head”!

Everything in Copenhagen is within walking distance, and it’s a great city just to walk around in. See the castle(s), the parliament, the little mermaid, perhaps buy your way into the Tivoli Gardens Theme Park.

An interesting street just to stroll down, perhaps shop a bit, and just get a good feel, is Nørrebrogade, that runs from pretty much center of town and quite far out. This area has a lot of students living here and is quite multi ethnic. You will also find quite a few bars and cheap restaurant here (especially in some of the small side streets). Another place for fun bars is Istedgade, where porn was liberated back in the 60’s. Fun place as well!

What about restaurants and places to eat? Copenhagen is quite expensive, but it is possible to find some good spots, at fairly low cost. A nice concept place are a number of restaurants under the “chain” Madklubben (the food club). They only have a Danish website, but all 8 restaurants have English menus (otherwise – Google translate): We picked the main one and this chain comes highly recommended now!

Heading into Thursday evening we referred to our favourite guide the
For a great cocktail and a mini adventure finding the front door check out

If you are after more, for clubbing ask for the area of Kødbyen (the meat packing district), which has a number of bars/clubs.

Friday 6th July 2012:

Of course, a tour to the hippie town of Christiania (where selling Mariuanna takes place in the open), is a fun experience. Budding photographers be warned, no photos here, make sure you have a bag to stow your gear.

Outside of Christiania the area of Christianshavn is fantastic, it’s my (Adam) favorite area in Copenhagen. Nice harbor side, and just a nice atmosphere.

On the 6th of July, the Copenhagen Jazz festival began – so we caught some of the free outdoor concerts: Here we met Patrick Hansen and Martin Larsen. We hit the capitals obligatory Irish Pub before seeking out a last minute whisky at The Jane. It does cocktails and clubbing and has a good rep. Located on Grå Brødre Torv.

All this before a last minuite pit stop in 7eleven for some beer and beer snacks for the overnight Train to Stockholm. The Journey Continues…

Accommodation: Copenhagen Downtown is a great location between the train station and town.

Getting Around: Everything is in walking distance or you can buy a ticket for the hop on hop off boat tours.


(and every disco I go in.)

And were off.

Day One July 3rd – Bournemouth to London to collect passport and visas from

Day Two July 4th – depart London on Eurostar to Brussels. Change for Cologne. Then over night to Copenhagen.

Met James in Copenhagen for breakfast Thursday 5th July.

More Hilarious Details to Follow Soon.

The main reason for this post was to make sure that I got some pictures on this site but also to rave about on of the best sites I have come across to use as a travel aid, (also useful for places you know) All the bars on this site are, in my expirence, hidden gems and really take you off the main strip and away from the tourist traps.

Thus my travel buddy and I have decided to start using this as our guide to places to visit in europe. –

Leg 1 – Prague:

Dates: 10-12/02/2012

The bars we hit.

Hemingway Bar – “One Rum, Daiquiri please.”

Solidni Nejistota – Absinthe, etc

Bugsy’s – Last night Martinis